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Race and Equity Community Dinner

On Thursday, March 29th 2018, Bayview Underground hosted its first Race and Equity Community Dinner at Bayview Opera House/Ruth Williams Memorial Theater.

The event brought together various community partners (Imperfect Produce, Eclectic Cookery, Bayview Opera House/Ruth Williams Memorial Theater) to create a memorable dinner for the Bayview/Hunters-Point community. Childcare was provided by Wu Yee Children's Services to reduce barriers to parents to attend this evening event.

Community residents enjoying their dinner at Race and Equity

Produce was donated by Imperfect Produce. Volunteers from Imperfect Produce then worked with a guest black chef, Nigel Jones (Kingston 11, Kaya SF) for two days to prepare and cook dinner (for over 100 guests) at Eclectic Cookery.

Nigel Jones (C) working with volunteers from Imperfect Produce to prepare dinner at Eclectic Cookery

Volunteer from Imperfect Produce preparing dinner for the evening at Eclectic Cookery

Race and Equity Dinner Menu
Residents and attendees being served meals by Imperfect Produce volunteers

After the dinner, attendees heard from panelists about the People of Colors’ experience in the San Francisco Bay Area around finance and wealth planning.

Panel discussion featuring (front to back) Theo Ellington, Saundra Davis, Deven Richardson, Jeannette Fisher-Kouadio, Dasarte Yarnway

The panel, moderated by Theo Ellington, included Saundra Davis, Executive Director and founder of Sage Financial Solutions, Jeannette Fisher-Kouadio, a generational wealth attorney, Deven Richardson, Director of Real Estate Development at San Francisco Housing Development Corporation, and Dasarte Yarnway, CEO and Co-founder of Berknell Financial Group.

Various topics around financial empowerment such as financial planning, taking control of one's finances, and learning how to access financial resources were discussed and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists. Several attendees expressed that they would like to see similar events to the Race and Equity Community Dinner in the future. For future events and more information about this series contact Rahwa at
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